Video Marketing, the New Marketing Frontier?

Cisco Predicts That 90% Of All Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2014

The team at Internet Marketing Media believes video will be the leading marketing strategy we see websites utilizing for Google, Yahoo and Bing page rankings in 2014, but it’s important to first create a video strategy that can really help your target audience to get connected to you. Adding videos to your website and marketing tactics is a great way to get your visitors engaged, interested, and understanding what you have to share, but getting indexed by Google should be primary in your video message and how it’s relayed to the public.

Video Marketing on your website

It’s important to realize that just throwing up a video, long-form or short-form, on a website probably won’t help your visitors and if it doesn’t answer your visitor’s questions, improved ranking by Google will not follow. In fact, video could drastically slow down your website load times, hurting your SEO and really annoy your visitors (if they stick around long enough to see it). It’s necessary to take the time to first create a detailed marketing strategy plan for each video, describing what you want to share with your target audience and what results you expect, if you want to be successful for your users and the Google bots. Basically, strategizing what your specific purpose is for producing each video will improve your results every time.


How Video Affects Your SEO

In the same way content affects your SEO, video affect SEO as well. Google requires your result to be relevant, unique and informative, so you have to prove to Google that your video is based on a relevant topic. Because videos are easy for readers to understand, quick to watch, and easy to engage with, companies find the following benefits in a video marketing strategy:

  • Easy to Share. Videos are more easily shared because they are more easily read (or watched). This brings a huge benefit to companies because it helps to increase visibility and improve social media strategies. The more people who share this content on social networks, the more people will see your video and hopefully check out your company. At the very least, your name is getting exposure on social sites and hopefully a backlink.
  • Click Through Rate. People know that videos are easy to listen to than content is to read, so they will be more apt to give it a click. According to a number of studies on the subject, using video has demonstrated a 41% higher CTR (click thru rate) than traditional content. This is a huge part of the Google ranking puzzle, Google uses your CTR and engagement time to rank your site, so the higher your numbers the better.
  • Engagement TiOnline Video Marketingme/Time on Site. Going right along with CTR is the time your visitors spend on site, or engagement time. A company’s time on site will increase if more people are engaged in watching videos. There have been a number of studies which show websites with video hold a viewer’s attention two or more minutes longer than those without video. This will also give companies a lot more ammunition when it comes time to negotiating with advertisers and more importantly; it’s a huge part of the ranking puzzle that Google takes into consideration when it comes time to rank your site.
  • Less Competition. Although the competition is expected to grow substantially in 2013, there is still much less competition when it comes to the video sector, especially the video marketing sector in particular. Shooting video, producing video and marketing video are three entirely different things. Together, they make up the “Strategy.” Trying to rank a piece of content is still more difficult than trying to rank a video because content is most common for websites (understandably), so taking advantage right away should give you the results you want to see faster than you’re used to when dealing with the plain-text content.

Because Google also understands these benefits, it’s important that a company knows how to optimize each and every video so that Google can give it the page ranking it deserves.

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