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Promoting your own products or services for immediate results, while trying to compete with mega-giants like Walmart and Amazon is usually a seemingly impossible task for business owners. The good news is that Google AdWords has created a way for advertisers to do just that. Bigger brands may have an advantage when it comes to PPC (pay per click/call), with the ability to hire expensive professional PPC managers, but they don’t hold all the cards. Even with a small budget, you can get clicks on Google with a well thought out account structure and the right targeting options. You can now target a small neighborhood! I’m serious!!!

Having consulted hundreds of small and medium-sized business (SMBs) owners and marketing managers, I have come to realize the struggles we all face every day.


The Problem


1. Let me take a second to set the stage. Anyone who tells you that AdWords is easy or that they can guarantee you numbers is lying to you. AdWords is extremely complicated and very difficult to master, but when done right, it can yield amazing returns.

2. Not only does it take a lot of preparation to master but it takes    time and caring attention. I’m Serious! Think of your AdWords account like a brand new 10 week old puppy.

Is your AdWords account crying for milk?

Set it and forget it has never worked!!! It won’t work with a puppy, and it won’t work with your AdWords campaign either. You need to cherish your account, care for it, clean it regularly, and feed it often. I CAN tell you it loves the taste of money, but it also loves giving you a fantastic ROI. If you take the time to nurture your account it will yield you a sweet return to your sales revenue stream. I think that’s what you’re looking for, right?

Keep It Simple

1. One misconception I hear time and time again is that you need a sizable account with lots of keywords. No you don’t. We all know running a small business means you wear lots of hats. You don’t need a huge account to be successful. In fact, with that amount of keywords you’ll probably get lost, lose focus, and waste your money.


2. One important thing you do need is a well researched keyword list, complete with search volume and the amount of competition you have in your target area and who your competition is. Know what your competition is doing, what they’re doing to be so successful, and what kind of campaigns are they running? Don’t reinvent the wheel if it works just fine.

3. You also need a quality landing page for each keyword ad. That landing page can be separate from a website if you don’t have one yet. But Google wants that page to be informative, unique and very relevant to each keyword in each individual ad. You may be able to use the same landing page for different keywords within the ad group. Having a strong website or landing page will save you a lot of money by lowering the amount you pay for each keyword bid and increasing your conversion rate for calls.

4. Start small and grow your account slowly. Test all of your times, targets, keywords, phrases and negative keywords. I mentioned you need to spend the time to nurture your account, the smaller you keep it the less time you will need to put into it


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