Social Media Marketing


Social Media Goals for Your Business:

1. Increase inbound leads at a low cost

2. Expand reach of thought leadership content

3. Engage and excite influencers

4. Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers

5. Improve customer service and satisfaction

6. Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness

Before going into in-depth details, we would like to put our honest opinion on HOW we can help you to improve your Social Media Presence, Brand Awareness, and finally generating potential leads for your business!

Now Social Media is MORE about conversation marketing. Conversation leads to Conversion.

In order to be effective with internet marketing, you need more than just a website. Today, using social media to direct traffic to your website and generate new leads is an indispensable part of your marketing mix.

But how do you prioritize which social media channels you should focus on? How do you get started?

We have Solutions.

IMM helps you on –

  • How effectively you can make use of Top Social Media Sites like Google+1, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • How to use Microblogging services (TWITTER) to reach your customers.
  • How to interact and create awareness on Social Apps and Voting sites.
  • How to involve people to check and share Online videos on Youtube, Google Videos


Social Media Methodology & Technique
This plan includes the tactical objectives to be used to accomplish the following social media goals.

  • Increase inbound leads at a low cost
  • Expand reach of thought leadership content
  • Engage and excite influencers
  • Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness


What you can achieve using social media:

Research – By monitoring social media, you can learn valuable information and identify trends about your industry, your customers and competitors.

Increase awareness of brand/product – Social media will help raise your brand awareness and help you become a recognizable name in your industry.

Connect and engage – Sharing valuable content will help you connect with your target market and engage with them, which leads to profitable relationships.

Generate leads – Social media is not about the hard sell, it is about creating awareness and building trust which in turn directs potential customers to your site or that of stockists.

PR – By connecting to key journalists and bloggers in the industry you can share news and achieve maximum publicity.



With over 800 million users (and growing), Facebook is the largest online social network. While bringing together friends and family, Facebook also offers a rich platform for business purposes allowing you to share unlimited content, including images and videos.


Short term objectives:

Facebook Fan Page:

− Insert strategic objective
− Share a mix of relevant links, engaging content, videos, and polls
− Make sure you promote upcoming events and create them in the events tab
− 4-6 posts per day
− Engage with influencers

Work Needed – 10 hours weekly on average.



LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 175 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.



Short term objectives:


− Insert strategic objective
− Create a group
− Add something about posting content to the 

LinkedIn company page

− Identify other groups to follow and participate
− Encourage employee participation
− Monitor and participate in Q&A
− 4-6 posts daily

Work Needed – 10 hours weekly on average.



Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.



Short term objectives:

− Optimize for SEO
− 1-2 posts per day
− Share engaging content, videos, images, and relevant links
− Comment on posts
− Utilize Google Hangouts
− Create and promote upcoming events

Work Needed – 10 hours weekly on average.



Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite events, interests and hobbies. One of the fastest growing social networks online, Pinterest is the third-largest such network behind only Facebook and Twitter. The start-up recently closed a $120 million round of funding and is looking to expand into overseas markets such as France, Germany and Japan.
Short term objectives:

− Create boards leveraging both content and company culture
− Follow other businesses, thought leaders, customers, and partners.

Work Needed – 5-6 hours weekly on average.



Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ platform which allows users to post short messages and converse with other users. Unlike email or text messaging, these conversations take place in the open and engage audiences in discussions about services, products, issues, the company and brand – connecting a vast amount of likeminded people in an often targeted and purposeful way.


Short term objectives:

• Promote content through Twitter
• Segment influencers and create lists.
• Utilize promoted Tweets.
• Communicate support issues from Social. Media to support team, ensure follow-up.
• Listen to relevant conversations
• Build reputation

Work Needed – 10-15 hours weekly on average.

Key Metrics:

• Facebook Likes and posts
• Linkedin Followers
• Referring traffic
• Linkedin Group members
• Linkedin Discussions
• Google+ Circle adds/followers
• Google+ mentions
• Pinterest pins and follows
• Kred and Klout scores
• Followers & Mentions
• Retweets
• Retweet Reach
• Replies Reach
• Number of lists
• Social Capital—influence of Twitter followers
• Number of potential prospects sent to sales
• Posts

Online Video Marketing Strategy:

Video Marketing: Everyone knows that sites like YouTubeMetaCafe, Facebook and DailyMotion get a lot of traffic, and that posting to these video sharing sites can be a great way to get exposure and expand your reach. These sites can provide a powerful marketing channel to your site, brand and content.

  • Update videos on social video sites and link to core site.
  • Promote Your Videos For Maximum Exposure on social media sites
  • Create teaser short length video on video marketing channels like youtube and show the FULL video on OWN site. This will be done to drive more traffic to the site.
  • Creating great content.

Key Metrics:

• Referrals from Social Video Sites
• Views of videos on Social Sites
• Pages ranking on key terms from YouTube

Work Needed – 10-15 hours weekly on average.

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