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Video Marketing is beating written content quickly! Recently, both sides of the digital video industry have been discussing

the rise of mobile (cellphones and tablets) video at numerous conferences and publications. We all

know consumers are already watching video on mobile devices. Step onto any plane, train, or automobile and you’ll see numerous people watching movies, TV shows, or user-generated video content on tablets and phones.


The stats show mobile video consumer use is skyrocketing even further than really expected (we

mean double and triple digit growth). What will drive that growth? Personalized video marketing messages, empowering you and the rest of the world to meet the faces behind the counter BEFORE they even show up, much less purchase the products or services they originally searched for.

Are you thinking about adding videos to your social media mix? Stop thinking and start doi

ng, now!

Do you want to boost your awareness and increase engagement? Start your video production now!

Social media networks provide a lot of video options. Rank in weeks, rather than months or years.

From YouTube, to Google+ Hangouts, to Twitter’s Vine, and Facebook’s launch of Instagram Video, video has become an essential part of any business’s online marketing strategy. Without video marketing, you are leaving many of your target prospects in someone elses care.

Let’s look at the Video Marketing fundamentals: Google, the leading search engine in the world, is also the owner of YouTube. As our our entire generation communicates more and more via video footage of greetings, a simple dinner, parties, sporting events and everything else, we should realize video marketing is the new medium. When a search for products or  services can be better communicated to ones target audience with video messages.

Why Mobile Video?

Vine, Twitter’s mobile video app, has business and marketing professionals considering the numerous ways video apps can be used to increase engagement.

Many of today’s experts in business marketing have stated publicly,  “2014 will be the year of visual marketing”. Most of them base this prediction, in part, on the fact that “…visuals and video done right are highly effective at cutting through the sales noise.”

This prediction has already proven true with a burst of new video apps and upgrades hitting the market. And some of these offer unique opportunities for savvy business owners beginning to implement video marketing. Many industries are just now realizing they are being passed by faster moving business marketers.





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